How LINC works

How LINC works

What can LINC Scotland do for you?

We bring companies and potential investors together in a number of different ways:

By providing ongoing and up-to-date Bulletin of Investment Opportunities to our investor members. This contains brief outlines of the companies currently seeking finance and interested members can request further information before deciding whether to meet the company.

By maintaining an ever expanding and more sophisticated database of investors and their requirements which can usually provide a number of “matches” for each new opportunity.

By running regular investor meetings in various parts of Scotland, at which companies get the opportunity to present their case directly to an audience of investors.

By personal networking – the LINC staff spend time getting to know the investors in their own area so that when a new opportunity comes in they can often make direct one-to-one introductions to well matched investors.

Does it Work?

Generally LINC Scotland facilitates funding for about one in six of the companies it works with – a much higher “hit rate” than conventional venture capital organisations.

How do I Join?

The process begins with a one-to-one conversation with a Manager from your area, who will help you decide the appropriate way forward. If you proceed to become a member of our network, LINC will provide a registration form and self certification documents to be completed (see Angels & The Law ). To comply with money laundering regulations, we also require a utility bill and sight of your passport for identification purposes.